self-ActualizationSelf-Actualisation is the quest to become the best you can be by deciding what you want from life and then doing what is necessary to get it. It is an ongoing process of fully developing your personal potential. Self-actualisers feel safe, calm, accepted, loved, loving and alive. Explore through these books for inspiration and understanding. And self-actualisation is not restricted to high-profile or high-achieving individuals. Happy reading.
Awakening to mindfulness : 10 steps for positive change
BF637 S4 F462
Don’t wait for your ship to come in– swim out to meet it : tools and techniques for positive lasting change
BF637 S4 W875
Find your inner voice : using instinct and intuition through the body-mind connection
BF637 S4 W259
Freedom from addiction : the Chopra Center method for overcoming destructive habits
HV4998 S594
Happiness for dummies
BF204.6 G339
How to have a big life : sharing simple secrets of success
BF637 S8 M157
Presence-based coaching : cultivating self-generative leaders through mind, body, and heart
HD30.4 S585
Reaching out : interpersonal effectiveness and self-actualization
HM1106 J66
Success secrets : real-life stories to inspire and motivate
BF637 S8 T161  

Think like a winner
BF637 S8 S556
The truth about getting more done
BF503 F919
Working on yourself doesn’t work : the 3 simple ideas that will instantaneously transform your life
BF637 S4 K16