Are you overwhelmed by the breadth and depth of the subjects that you have to study for your courses? Do you know where to look for library resources on these subjects?

The Subject Classification Quick Guide is here to assist you!

This guide is based on the Library of Congress Classification scheme to organise books and media resources by broad subject categories and their corresponding call numbers to facilitate browsing on the library shelves.

For example:

Subject Call Number
Accounting HF5601-HF5689
Electronics TK7800 – TK8360
Nursing RT41 – RT42



Check out the full Subject Classification Guide in the Library Portal. Just click on your diploma course and you’ll find the subjects and their related call numbers.

Armed with the “Call Numbers”, you can go directly to the right location where the library materials are shelved for browsing.

Now looking for library materials by subjects has been made easier.  Happy browsing!