July 2009


 What happens in our body when we are attacked by diseases? How do the drugs work to provide the defence? What role does biology play in our environment?




 Come and find out more about biology in drugs and in our environment at the upcoming joint exhibition of the School of Chemical & Life Sciences and the Library.

Related library books are on display for browsing and borrowing.


English writer and poet, Martin Farquhar Tupper, once said “A good book is the best of friends, the same today and forever.” You can pick a good read from the myriad of inspirational and interesting books in the Library. You may ask: “How to pick what I want?” and “How to know which book is popular?”. Here are some tips on how to select an interesting book before you start running to the shelves.

Using OPAC

a) Subject Search

With the Subject Search function, you can browse the subject headings for fiction titles and select the books based on the genre.


Type “fiction” at the search box in Subject Search function.


Browse the subject headings and click on the link to select the titles.


b) Author Search

Using Author Search function, you can select titles written by the author of your choice.

Example: Type the author’s name “Dan Brown” in the search box.


Click on the link to select the titles by this author.


c) Enriched Contents

Click on the Additional Information link to read the summary, table of contents or book reviews to help you in your selection.




New Title Alert

Create a profile based on your interest and receive email alerts on relevant new titles added to the collection. You may create as many profiles as you want.

Logon to the Library Portal to create your personal profile.


New Titles


From the Library Portal, click on the ‘New Arrivals’ icon to view titles we have added to the Library’s collection recently. You may refine the list to your topics of interest. Just click on the button “Refine Set” and add in appropriate keywords at ‘Anywhere’ field.

Popular Picks

If you don’t have any titles in mind, find out what are the popular picks available from the Library Portal to help you get started.

t1Check the list of popular titles selected by other readers.

Read the book reviews submitted by our readers at Book Talk.
Catch up on our New Reviews too.


Check the Library e-Newsletter, Infocus, Issue 12 for Student’s Choice and Lecturer’s picks.

Enjoy Your Reading Adventure!

How to find full text articles using Library Portal
Step 1:
How to find full text articles using Library Portal
Step 2:
How to find full text articles using Library Portal
Step 3:
How to find full text articles using Library Portal
Step 4:
How to find full text articles using Library Portal

For steps to locating and retrieving books, please click on the video clip.


This exhibition offers an insight to the key innovative value-added services, resources, and facilities offered by the Library.

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It features four main areas:

· Exploiting Digital Technology

· Vibrant Library

· Collaborative Learning Spaces

· Excellent Information Resources

It also showcases award winning WITS projects undertaken by the Library such as iFIND mobile service (in collaboration with the School of Information Technology) and the Library-designed Jackbox.

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Visit the Library today to learn how Web 2.0 tools are used to forge better connections, and open up more channels of communication with today’s web-savvy users. Come and view exciting photographs of how your NYP experience can be enriched by our lunchtime concerts, art and craft workshops, thematic talks, reading promotion activities and more.

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Browse or borrow related library books on display.