May 2009

It’s another day of the week ……
The lecture has just ended and you head for the Library. As you enter the Library, you feel the welcoming cool air caressing your skin. Feeling a little thirsty, you decide to get a drink from the Hotshot café at the Lifestyle hub. The aroma of light snacks and cappuccino wafts through your nostrils as you step into the café. After buying a cup of tantalising latté, you sit down and enjoy the vibrancy of the surroundings. How relaxing to have a cosy corner in the Library to unwind over a cuppa!
Feeling recharged, you make your way towards the Reading Room. At the Exhibition Showcase Area, you stop by to view some exhibits and browse the interesting books on display. Moving on, you see students deeply engrossed in their books at the Centre Wing, and actively engaged in group study at the Discussion Room and the Research Carrels. Notices displayed to remind users not to eat or drink catch your attention. At this moment, you hear the public announcement reminding users not to eat and drink at other parts of the Library. It suddenly dawns upon you why this rule is necessary.

Can you imagine studying in an environment where the tables are swarmed with ants and creepy crawlies busy helping themselves to the half-eaten french fries, unfinished burgers and spilled coffee? You certainly won’t want to step into a library where the air is filled with the stench of rotting food! Nor would you like to see the waste baskets overflowing with dirty styrofoam boxes and leftover food! Truly, a library must be spick and span to be inviting.

Then you find your favourite spot at the Reading Room, put down your belongings and sink comfortably into your seat. Looking around, you feel a sense of gratitude for the Library’s effort to keep the environment clean and neat. You decide to stay on to finish your assignment and study until the Library closes at 9pm.

Just a gentle reminder to all users …. please do not bring outside food and drinks to consume inside the Library. If you want a quick bite or a refreshing drink, you may go to the Hotshot Café and enjoy the snacks or drinks within the enclosed Lifestyle Hub. Food and drinks purchased from the Hotshot Café are also NOT ALLOWED to be consumed at other parts of the Library.

If you bring food or drinks into the Library, please deposit them at the Circulation Services counter before using the Library.

Let us do our part to keep the Library clean and hygienic so that we can all enjoy a conducive and healthy learning environment.

Love your library and it will love you back! smiling-heart1


pride & prejudice
Title: Pride and prejudice by Jane Austen
Call number: AUS
Location: L5 Centre Wing Fiction Shelves

Reviewed by: Nurul, Huda Binte Jasmin (3rd year SBM student)
Rating: 8/10

Charmingly witty and alluring – simply beautiful.

Jane Austen succeeded in bringing the modern readers back to the era of 1800’s with perfect composition of love, life and family bonding. Two thumbs up, Pride & Prejudice is worth your time especially accompanied by a great cuppa and a comfy couch!

Pomegranate soup
Title: Pomegranate soup by Marsha Mehran
Call number: MEH
Location: L4 Lifestyle Section

Reviewed by: Ginny Lim (Ist year SHS student)
Rating: 8/10

If you’ve dreamed of opening a cafe, this is the book to indulge in. Three Iranian sisters descend on a tiny Irish village to open Cafe Bablyon. The descriptions of the various herbs and dishes are mouthwatering; the actual plot is however, a little thin.

Imagine shopping for books without having to pay for them! That is what our students and staff did during the Library Book Fair on 28 & 29 April 2009.





They were given the opportunity to select books for the Library’s collection. With a wide spread of books covering popular subject areas such as self-development, sport & recreation, health & wellness, food & nutrition, leisure & travel, hobbies, digital lifestyle and fiction, book lovers were indeed spoilt for choice. After making their selection, the participants were given a token of appreciation for their efforts.

This event was jointly organised with the NYP Staff Association and Workplace Health Promotion Committee. We are encouraged by the overwhelming response received.

A BIG thank you for your strong support in making this Book Fair a success. Join us on our next Book Fair!

The current exhibition on a “Friendly Built Environment” is jointly organised by the Library and the Building and construction Authority (BCA). 


It features BCA’s roles, the Friendly Built Environment Portal, winners of the universal design (e.g. Terminal 3 Changi Airport), the theme of accessibility in HDB towns, transportation and parks (e.g. barrier-free amenities, wheel chair accessibility, covered passageways and handrails). Visit the exhibition to learn more and take part in a fun quiz and stand a chance to win a pair of movie tickets!


Browse or borrow related library books on display.


Title: Speak by Laurie Halse Anderson
Call number: AND
Location: L5 Centre Wing Fiction Shelves

Reviewed by: Josephine Goh (3rd year SHS student)
Rating: 9/10

It’s a vividly compelling story about a ninth grader who attended a party with a group of friends, then ends up getting rape by a senior from the party. She is unable to report what had happened to her (you’ll find out why as you read the story). Eventually being tormented by self as friends, family misunderstood and ignores her, eventually becoming the school outcast. Her parents are not very helpful either. So pre- occupied with their own lives thus leaving her to suffer more in her own world. Soon, she found a way to express her feelings..through art. This is definitely a good read for anyone seeking to understand the woes and depair of a child in being left isolated in the depths of solitude with nobody to turn to in times of despair.